Why We Formed This Forum?

This forum is built to pave a new way to the home theater forums online. You can get help or help other Home Theater DIYers without hard barriers. This forum is making the world an easy and better place for home theater DIYers.

This forum is sleek and easy to use. You can sign-up in seconds and get started without learning difficult jargon and difficult areas of the site.

The Force Behind DIY Home Theater Forum?

DIY Home Theater Forum is a daughter company of Homelytainment. Homelytainment is a parent company and its team is behind this forum to run and maintain it.

Apart from the parent company, many moderators on this forum are behind the force of this forum. The moderators, users, and readers are the real ones that run this forum. Without them running the forum would not be easy. That’s why the admin team says a big thank you to them.

Who Are The Moderators?

The moderators are expert users of this forum that maintain the quality of this forum. In return, they get peace of mind and heart with a good network of people. If you want to be a moderator then contact Homelytainment(admin) here on this forum with the help of the DM message feature.

What does the Parent Company Homelytainment do?

Homelytainment is an online blog that educates home theater enthusiasts. It educates enthusiasts with the help of written articles and videos. Each article is written based on real-life experience and research.

That’s why we are proud to present Homelytainment as the parent company of this forum.

Do you want to contact us? Here are the instructions on the contact us page.